Privacy policy

The protection of your data privacy is ensured by Our policy specifies how we will make use of the data we get from you, what procedures we employ to this end and in what way you can tell us to restrict the usage of this data.

In order to keep our data protection up-to-date,’s Privacy Policy would be revised and improved every month.

Links to other sites:

Our policy only applies to website, and we cannot guarantee about other websites linked to our site as all those sites maintain their own policies and protection procedures that you can check personally.

User Consent:

As soon as you visit you are actually consenting and agreeing to all of our privacy practices defined here.

Your data and its usage by

In order to provide you with the services you want to get from, we gather your personal data. The basic data includes your name, your birth date, email address, mailing address, phone number, your bank account details, loan details and social security details etc.

We will need all this data while processing your medical negligence claims. This information can help us advice you about your claim validity. Your data will also be accessible to our partner firms, our subcontractors and agents. Besides, your data could be helpful in preventing money laundering and fraud as well as tracing debtors.

For enhancing and improving our website services, we also monitor written, telephonic and email conversations along with site usage patterns and statistics. We can also pass on this collective statistics and data to third party sites for business purposes. However, your personal identification information will not be shared.

Once in a while you may be contacted by our partners, third parties and relevant organizations for analysis and research purposes so as to make our services better. You will be asked to provide your feedback and comment on the quality of services and products that we offer at Our partners may also offer you some relevant services and products according to your interests.

If you choose only to be contacted by or from some selected third parties, you can inform us at customercare@ You also reserve a right to put a stop on marketing data that is delivered to you. In other words, you can opt out of all marketing related future contacts from or its partners. But remember, by opting out you will also not get any information from us about new services, products or developments that might be of your interest.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, we do. We employ cookies to keep track of our website usage patterns.

Cookies are actually like small files that are saved on user computer by webservers. These files contain some identification data that help servers to recognize users on their next visits. Through cookies we may know which user has visited which part of our website and their visit duration. You, however, have an option in your browser to enable or disable cookies. If you choose to disable cookies, you might lose the chance to get some customized features and services on our website. So, it is recommended to leave this function on.

How protects your data:

To secure our users’ data against unauthorised access, various security measures have been employed by

We use SSL technology as well as some advanced software for user data safety. Through all reasonable safety procedures we assure our users that their information will remain confidential.

Nevertheless, despite all of our safety procedures, you need to be careful while sending emails to