Your Smartphone can serve as your healthcare lab

Press ReleaseIt is not next to impossibility that on your next visit to your doctor’s clinic, he would use his iPhone in place of stethoscope for your examination. That is what smartphone healthcare is all about; taking medical tests using just smartphone and some other connected devices.

Since the inception of smart phones, it has offered endless wonders to its users. Now you can keep check of your health yourself – connect your phone with a medical appliance and your medical lab is in your hands. Moreover, these medical applications are used on internet-enabled tablets and smartphones which also enable the users to connect to their family doctors. Now you can measure your sugar level, blood pressure and some other important statistics on your own and cab share the figures with your physician through internet.

An innovative medical application named Medscape is freely available at Apple store – this app can help you retrieve more than 34 articles about different health related fields. There is also a medical reference segment providing drug safety parameters, tutelage for student education and video lessons about various health procedures.

3D4Medical is another useful app which draws on 3D innovative technology which helps navigating through human body with ease and comfort. It has various functions such as zoom, cut, sand rotate. Unlike a conventional media technology, this app is able to get inferior and superior perspectives. Its anatomic simulations act as highly remarkable tool for educating patients.

Moreover, for finding out various trigger locations and locating tight zones causing pain in your body you can use Muscle Trigger Point app. It includes about hundred trigger locations for more than 70 different muscles. After identifying a trigger location either through zone searching or particular muscles, this app suggests what action you should take.

The ePSS, an application developed and launched by ‘US Department of Health and Human Services’, is aimed at helping healthcare practitioners in finding out what tests, treatment or preventive drugs they should prescribe to their patients. The information given by this app is derived from the recommendations made by ‘US Preventive Services Task Force’, which are searchable through various characteristics of patients such as sex, age and behavioral risks.

With some recent innovations, the smartphone apps have taken another higher leap. The novel tool namely iPhone ECG connecting your phone to a device and taking an instant electrocardiogram gives another handheld helpful invention. This is in fact a casing that can link to your iPhone at its bottom through a 32-pin connector – it appears as another casing of the phone.

On this casing, you would find two electrodes where you have to place your index fingers through which electric signals would be conducted to connected iPhone application. You can directly place the device on your chest so as to take your ECG as instructed in application. Though this seems just like another gadget used on iPhone, this innovative device is actually an addition to at-home medical equipment.

There would be two main implications of this innovative device: firstly, patients having some heart problems now can easily and instantly communicate with physicians, secondly this device helps people remain more alive to their health issues.

In the former case, cardiac patients are more facilitated through instant information sharing with healthcare providers in the event of some cardiac problems. They can easily take their ECG and send it to physician who can start analyzing patient’s condition before he manages to come to hospital or clinic. However, with some safety concerns FDA is still considering about certifying the use of this device. The ePSS would be on the market hopefully by next year.